Thursday, December 30, 2010

The year that was ....

It's been an interesting year here @ Wgtnwallstreet, so we've decided to give you a rundown on what's been going down this year, just in time for 2011!

January - March 2010

 Unit, Evoke and some PNTR goodness up at Brooklyn Bunkers

The smokers alley next to Medusa got a well deserved make-over from Yelz & Eeks

Beware & Drypnz painting the Appleby Bridge in Nelson

April - June

Pirates show @  Manky Chops Gallery

Miss Mica wowed us all with her visual Installation @ Bettys Bar

Beware Beastman (Aus) Drypnz Ghstie & Miss Mica Paint a mural (8 months and still going strong!)

Blue-eyed Son Book launch @ Manky Chops

Xoe Hall opens her show 'Sexy Bitches' and appears on 3 News due to some angry lesbians

I go to Auckland and hang with the homies Cut Collective, and notice how much the buff are running things

PNTRs show titled 'Supertoys' @ Manky Chops

FDKNS crew from Aux take a tour around NZ

July -August

 Seekayme Painting live for Red Bull Steropticon

'Until Further Notice' show of Yelz & Eeks @ Manky Chops

We launch AKLDWALLSTREET with the help of my good friend @ TheBlackBook

The SUPERTOY post gets the most comments we have had posted up till that point

September - December

I head to Sydney for a holiday and get some shots in

Rone pays a visit to Wellington and puts up and epic poster combo with Drypnz

Tiger Translate comes to Wellington. One of the best live painting/Music/Visual gigs Ive ever been to!

Fellow Wgtnwallstreet collaborator AIM puts up flicks from Seatoun Bunkers

It's been an interesting year with lots of news that we've reported on (and havent reported on)
I trust everyone enjoyed their xmas break if you were fortunate to have one.

Thank you to all the people who visit this blog, comment, get up on the streets, love and hate us. You are all appreciated!

New Years Hangover here we come!


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