Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bite back

This Thursday the lovely Miss Mica Still is having a show @ Betty's function house and bar
She writes:

I would love to invite you to come giggle, drink with me while watching the 55 square-metre, wrap-around screen projecting my art from the past year of my life.

I have deconstructed some of my sketches and painting to create new worlds so it is not just another pretty slideshow!

Thursday 18th Febuary
Where: Betty's Function House & Bar 32 Blair Street, Wellington
4pm - 8pm

Fresh new wall by Drypnz & Miss Mica


Eyes Wide Open @ Manky Chops Gallery

Headed up to Mankys' for the opening of the Eyes Wide Open exhibit last Thursday. A diverse range of works were covered including some pretty awesome photography.

Looks like this dude is having a great time!! lol


Eeks & Yelz hitting the heaven spot formely owned by Cast with a guest appearance from Vinyl later.


Good to see this wall taken back, although I hear from the residents that it's looking a bit shabby now.......



  1. Yeah playboy, eeks and yelz shred!!

  2. that bottom wall sux quews and vinyl got interupted by sum wanabe cop and a real 1 and wer trespassed the wall looks a mess at the moment

  3. Yeah I know. The people who lived there told me that the security guard who is looking after the houses along the bypass (only cos they are up for sale) came along and told them to fuck off. They said it looks like shit.

    oO WWS Oo