Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had heard through ther Graf-vine that a bunch of stencils had gone up near our national Museum Te Papa. SO while on the hunt for them I walked up to Chaffers and found the above by Tibat. Reminds me a little of Ikon RTR.

Could this have been made by the person responsible for the Queercore stencils that appeared last year?

Spotted another nice Tibat piece that is slightly out of the way. Never seen anything go up on this wall too which is even better.


Wearesupervision and Primary Flight are putting out some pretty dope films.
Check this video featuring Askew Ewok etc

And I found this in a search for Martha Copper. legendary photographer and author via Vimeo. Features Harry Chalfant, graffiti photograher and producer of Style Wars.


..... Don't forget, EYES WIDE OPEN exhibit is on TONIGHT @ Manky Chops 166 Cuba Street!

See you there!


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