Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buff running it

I spent the weekend in Auckland. The weather was shit but Saturday proved fine in time to go hang with Cut Collective. One thing I have to say about Auckland is that there's more buff spots than Graf spots in the CBD. I also heard there was a full time sticker-scraper in the CBD so I only managed to get a few photos of a couple of random combos while there.

T sent some flicks through of the wall above which I posted a while back. The photo's I took don't really do the wall justice.

(didnt put a WWS logo on here as the OCHE got lost in it)

High Street

Haha check the Kudos on the left!


BMD to the right



I climbed this wall to get shots of the Graf above the carpark but got haggled by some drunk homeless dudes. Consequently the photos turned out crap HA!

Cut Collective on a doorway on K'rd. This work also appeared on Streetarse.co.nz

Saw a couple of familiar tags like Sluts, QST and a BH but couldn't decipher the squiggle above it though. If I had stayed longer I would have headed through the Kingsland and Morningside tracks but theres always next time!

Never thought I'd say this but I love Auckland.



  1. ..such a decent post man, so fresh to see the Big City scene. much appreciate your efforts on that homie.

    ..and logo looks rad.


  2. Buff scene is whole new levels in AK compared to wellington, nothings rolls for long at all unless you get a gnarly spot. Apparently they get paid per buff, so they just burn around all day looking for shit to clean. Overall, I believe it just encourages lower quality graffiti. People aren't going to spend some time and risk themselves to do something of quality, when its only going to last till the morning. Look at what happened on the news with component - he obviously did something thoughtful, provoking and put some time into it. Yet he got caught and penalized. The lesson? Don't waste your time trying to do something good.

    Sometimes, but not all of the time, there's a relationship between time and quality in graffiti. Look at that tmd wall above. They obviously put in work and spent a lot of time on that wall.. its bangin', and wont get tagged again.

    I doubt that buffing reduces how much graffiti gets thrown on walls, it just reduces how much is seen. It's a cat and mouse game and no one wins - councils spend shit loads of time and money, and the quality of the work decreases and is channeled onto other property that is harder to get clean.

    If you hate graffiti ask yourself..Is buffing sustainable? Not at all. Its an expensive and short term 'solution', which wastes time, money and diminishes community areas into monotonous grey, dim places.

    People will also do graffiti, whether they want to get out and share something with the community, or whether they want to destruct some shit. Acknowledge this, get with the times and relax.. its only a picture, on a surface. Open up your wall to give people the opportunity to do something good on it.

    Just some late night thoughts.
    Nice post WWS, keep up the good shit


  3. HaHA you got a flick of the REAL over there cuz. that dudes owned rooftops for like ten years! What a toy our over is, might as well of called himself seen.

  4. over cfg is fukn disgusting

  5. haha at least over gets around, not a big fan of his one liners though. that over up there looks dope as