Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vivian Street

A tonne of new work has been going up along Vivian Street over the past 3 months. With the addition of the make-shift construction wall fencing off the park that's under renovation it has added some well deserved paste-up spots.

Nice multi layer stencil nail up from Yohzik (above)

L-R Malice/PNTR collab, PNTR, Trike, AIM and Jean Batten tribute by AIM see below

The alley beside the newly named Medusa (Formerly Hole in the wall) that serves as the smokers lounge has always had graf and random drunken scribbles all over it. I'm glad to see it get a tidy up though.


Have you checked out the new Krink range at Mrgraffiti.com yet? Only place in New Zealand you can get the full colour range.

Check it HERE!


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