Friday, December 3, 2010

Tiger Translate

The Opera House like we've never seen it before.

Now that we've finally got our broadband back . . . .

Tiger Translate Fri. 26 November



(Aim's favourite) Julian Dyne, DJ Riki Gooch & Parks (?)

47 Diamantes

Tommy Ill

World record Beat-boxer King Homeboy & AlphabetHead (?)


Not sure what was going on here, at first I thought she had fallen over till I saw a man filming her. Im confused.

Love the lighting in this one.

All and all it was a pretty awesome event that hopefully comes back in the near future, or next year at least. I was surprised at how they had re-created the shabby Opera House into something a little more friendly-on-the-eyes. AND cheap Beer + and free drink tokens made for a very hazy night followed by a horrendous hang-over haha.


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