Thursday, December 2, 2010

Manky Chops present BEAN

Bean (Aleyna Martinez); Malaysian born and New Zealand raised, finds inspiration in music, culture, life and love. Painting and creating from an early age, Bean recently developed her distinctive style from a polished monochrome sketch form, to a free form sketch style with strong lines and vibrant colour in her most recent works. Beans' Indian, FiIlipino, Chinese and Spanish heritage strongly influence her world view, with a firm grasp of the world and mind space she inhabits, but at some points leaving her feeling isolated and confused as to her place in it. As a response Bean's current work explores personal growth and embracing womanhood, she cites Clarissa Pinkola Estes book 'Women Who run With The Wolves' as a very special influence on her output.

Beans open night is going to be an excellent combination of both art and music (Masala), with special guests joining in for a jam such as Sheeq, DJ Yinface, Konflikt, Ray Tait, Gooda, Dows, and *MHB.

When: Friday 3 December @ 6.30pm

Koha entry and BYO suckers!

For more information visit MANKYCHOPS.CO.NZ

(I would have the flyer up but blogger doesnt like dial-up speed! grrr)

See you there


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