Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stuffed animals / Graffography

Surplus Bargains continues to amaze me! The man above, so I've been told is Sir Walter Buller an Ornithologist who killed and stuffed many native bird species.

Haasts Eagle is another extinct bird of New Zealand. It was the largest predatory bird in existence.

Go check out SURPLUSBARGAINS.CO.NZ while your here.

Saturday April 25th

I recieved these photos in my email from Mark McGeady, who's photo I had seen of a Cast piece behind the opera house.

I did have a panoramic shot of this mural in Te Aro but Marks' is wayyyy better haha.

L-R Preo, Cast, Eek, The BMD, Drypnz, Azza & Editor

...A new Drypnz character in Leftbank. Again, his photo is better than mine haha.

.. Eek (recieved today)

You can check Marks photography blog @

Thanks Mark!

Photos of Surplus Bargains care of the artist except Sir Walter Buller taken by WgtnWallStreet. Thank you Surplus!


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