Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Private property

Man I love painting! Im not so fond however of the Ironlak fumes. Smells nice for a few mintues then it rots your lungs and your brain and the lungs and brains of people who are standing around watching haha. Not good. A necessary evil I suppose.

Mean Collab with Unit DWT and VKC. Hated it at first but loved how it turned out in the end.

Eek And The BMD

Love this response to the person or people that felt the need to tag JEW and draw swastikas up and down LeftBank. Go HERE to see what the haps is with that.

The BMD killing it as usual!

Nice work my nigs!


  1. sick stuff ya'll!!

  2. Good work!!! I like it. Get a mask lol. I used to paint without one now I never leave the house without one.