Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Askew and Co. rolled through town over the long weekend and gave LeftBank a tidy up. Glad to see that LeftBank is getting some well deserved attention from some out-of-towners. Askew, Riot, Unit, DWT crew.... I wonder who else is going to show up?!?

I've always had trouble taking a front on shot down LeftBank due to the alley being so narrow, so while I tried to use the Panoramic function on my camera I managed to royally fuck it up and ended up with this photo above. Im liking the compostion though...


Unit informed me that someone had gone and tagged ''JEW'' and drawn swastikas across his piece. Whoever the culprit is needs a serious reality check. If your going to cap someone with some inane comment or symbol at least come up with something original. If you knew the true origin of the swastika I doubt you would team it with the word JEW. Grow up!

If your going to be disrespectful, do it tastefully.
Cheers Unit for the heads up on the new works. Choice!



  1. Ha yea they went over everyone in the alley with that shit! everywhere you go in this game its full of no talent hacks hating on painters like askew. what they're too narrow minded (or just dumb) to realise is that these guys are actually holding the game together! If they weren't around and there were just taggers the cops would have the import of cans banned in no time. You are suppose to have a go at every aspect of this stuff guys from dropping a fat tag to painting panels and pieces.
    P.s. your not in New York.. you aint even in Aucks!

  2. most paintings in the leftbank got some of this actually man, not even prince tui tika was spared! funny thing is i'm not jewish... guessin prince tui isnt either =)

  3. Just saw an addition Eeks has made to the anti-semitic bullshit. It's pretty rad.

  4. I dont usually try and buy into the bullshit but I thought the swastikas were worth a mention.

    Last I saw (this morning) the Askew piece hadnt been touched just the other stuff. Still that sucks ass that someone is willing to go out and do that.

    I deleted the original post of what I had to say about these anti bastards because it sounded way too harsh and Im trying to stay neutral here.

    Went back with Eek last night to get some photos of his work. Love the comment he made in the speech bubble. And with him being an old punk its well fitting to the surroundings!

    Fuck off nazi cunts!

    oO WWS Oo

  5. that ivo piece is dope!

  6. YOU FUCKING CLOWNS!April 24, 2009 at 3:40 PM

    AHAHAH I be all you toys dont even get the connection with all the writers and dont even know who IVO is... ahahah

  7. its ADICT isnt it?

  8. Poo Poo. I think cope 2 did it :)

  9. Cool site this, soz but had to write this but saw a "Unit" tag in tha uni in Dunedin last week when I was working dwn and his "t" was a swazi. WTF?
    But heapso cool az shit down in South Island, chch really goes off!