Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yay. I'm pretty stoked that Kreuzberg Summer Cafe decided on giving Drypnz the chance to paint their empty billboard that was mentioned in an earlier post

I hadn't heard anything from them after I had posted their proposition so naturally I was a bit nervous that no-one had come through. It wasn't til Drypnz text me on the day of that I found out. Relieved!

The colour in the above photo I took is a bit cold looking. Sorry. I had to stand up over the fence and get a shot while some guy pestered me into having a sprig of jasmine. I think it turned out ok! Still, its a bit strange not seeing some Dryppls in there somewhere.

The Cafe mentioned that they might get someone in to change it up a bit in 6 or so months which to me sounds like an awesome Idea. I'll keep everyone posted.

While we're on the subject.....

Visit DRYPNZ.COM while you here.

I was walking up Willis St yesterday morning and spotted a construction worker trying to buff a mop tag with a white Posca pen. Oh to be that naive! It made my morning seeing how determined he was (or frustrated arather) to remove it. Ha ha.

One last thing, NEONATE i'm gonna miss you bro. Don't forget about us Wellingtonians! Chur cuzzy!