Monday, March 30, 2009

Te Aro mural

Im really excited about this post because I finally got to photograph The BMD in action while they painted an old building with Eeks Drypnz Cast Editor and Preo in Aro Valley. They attracted quite a crowd as the Aro Fair was going on next door (which by coincidence fell on the same day they planned on painting)

I captured some video footage of the whole wall but Youtube is being annoying and wouldnt let me upload it. I'll put it up as soon as I can.


Dirty taggers! Haha Jokes bro.



Coming up in the next post....

Cast Editor and Preo + the finished wall..
And hopefully the video I spoke of earlier.

.....Thanks Miss Mica for the suggestion in the last post. Dont forget to check out:

The Happy Hour
Manky Chops Gallery

166 Cuba Street

Runs til 4th April so get in quick....I better go and pay for the print I got. Sorry Xoe! haha


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  1. no worries luv!! thanks heaps for promoting on your sight. been a pleasure getting to know thee xx