Friday, March 27, 2009


Just some random pictures Ive acquired over the last 2 weeks. Ive lacked motivation the last month or so and with quality graf on the decline it doesnt make for an up-to-date-blog

I found this on a billboard which was hidden by those hideous Dancing with the stars-esque advertisments. I know which one id rather see!

Some good things coming up though. WriteForGold international graffiti competition heats start in May with the final held at Splash! Festival in Germany early June.Also there will be an article in Salient Magazine, Victoria University's Student Magazine covering postering which should be interesting. The BMD and I added some insight. Excited to read the final product. Thanks Nina.

I was contacted by Illicit Exhibitions which is a street art blog based in the U.S with some impressive featured blogs by international artists. Ex-pat Welly artist Mephisto Jones made an appearance in her latest post. Love your work Meg! is coming up 1 year old! Its been a crazy blogging experience. I feel I should do something new and different. Any suggestions?

Until then......


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  1. what about interviews- asking these guys all the question you want to know x