Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Banksy Trashed.

Now this is not in Wellington but I though it was worth a mention...

I've been following a blog from the UK called Hooked for nearly as long as I've had WgtnWallStreet and I am an avid fan. They reported recently that new Banksy stencils had been defaced apparently by the same person.

Now, everyone knows Banksy. He (or they) have had their work sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and even had work preserved under perspex sheets by the council (yep the council!) While some are outraged that someone could deface such a valuable piece of art others think that this is part of putting something out in the public arena (myself included) Yes its unfortunate that it was destroyed but street art/graffiti is anything but permanent. I had to stop reading all the articles about ''What a tragedy'' it is to see someone tag ''Say no to art fags'' over it in fear of throwing up out of shear frustration in the fact that this happens all the time and now suddenly everyone gives a fuck just because its Banksy.

Ahhh, don't get me wrong Banksy is witty and clever and while I may own Wall And Piece and any other street art book with them featured in, it doesn't make me the biggest fan.
6 or 7 pages on Banksy and 1 and a half on Blek Le Rat?! Anyone else notice how shitty that is? Blek Le Rat is a stencil pioneer and yet he gets pushed to the side because someone who makes a shitload of money off their work is now the stencil ''King''.

Call me jealous or whatever four letter word comes to mind but my argument is is that people are blinded by the monetary value of the stencil instead of seeing its well crafted relevance. My own stencils have been tagged over numerous times but just because they aren't worth the paint the were painted with people aren't up in arms about it.
Man! I'm getting old..... Who knows.

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  1. Blek le rat had poor marketing maybe? lol. To right sir.. Im a firm believer in what you believe in on that subject..