Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Happy Hangover

I Finally got around to reviewing some of the photos I took for The Happy Hour group show at Manky Chops. I spent most of the time drinking and taking photos of people instead of the artwork which I now regret. Ah well. I suggest you go up and take a look for yo'selves. Show runs til the 4th April.
The Happy Hour
Manky Chops Gallery
Lvl 1 166 Cuba St

I HAD to put this picture up. Check the taniwha in the background!

This is a pretty shitty photo. Sorry Greg Page.

...Checking out Dr. Fil's handy work...

Please remind me to stay away from the punch next time.... Yes it might only taste like fruit juice but it'll kick your ass!

Miss Mica scribbling on the tables at Watusi.

What an awesome night!


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  1. that Taniwha would be a and I quote "Kavaniwha" Im witty myself hahaha.

    Insert emoticon [ here ] "/sad"