Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Thought I better get in another post before the Happy Hour hangover renders me useless.... and Yes I'll have photos of the night for those that cant make it.

Its been quiet on the street art front lately. Im assuming that since the Uni year has started again that its been keeping alot of people busy with no time for late night missions..

I caught wind of a Free Art thingymajig in LeftBank. Didnt really know much about it so kinda flagged on the idea. I strolled through on Monday and saw some Drypnz goodness and a piece written in asian (sorry im not entirely sure what language it is) This was the second one of the day that I had seen written in another language. Hope we see more very soon whoever you are!

(I found out later that his name is RANDOM from Akld)

Free art perhaps?

I'll post some photos of the exhibit when I feel human again.


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  1. oooh! good to see 'love is ok' still there...missing being able to drop by the left bank to see what is new