Thursday, July 16, 2009

Massey University

Thought I'd head up to Massey University to check out what was on offer after a few people told me they had painted there recently.


(Eek went back and updated this, I'll post the final result up in the next post)


(C)Kast bit of a shitty photo, sorry bro!


R-L Whisky, The BMD, Cast & Rack



My man MUGS hit me up about his painting mish there the other night. I'll get some photos posted real soon.

...Or check out Graffography for some mean snaps of this building taken with his camera of destiny!

We had all been waiting for something like this to appear. Thanks James for the heads up.

As promised heres some old photo's.....

Neonate gave me some photo's that didn't get posted. Him and Rust had a small outdoor exhibit (the date on the photo is 22.03.07) in the carpark behind Foz's old workshop. Miss you Bro!

Check the blank door on the left. This is what it looks like NOW

Photo's from a paint mission out Kaiwharawhara way I believe

..And an oldie that was by The Mill.


Coming up...

More old photos from years ago


A MUGS/Eek massey University update


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