Friday, July 17, 2009

Massey Univeristy Cont.

As promised in the last post I went back up to Massey University to check out the homies new work. I got covered in mud after doing the epic slide UP a hill trying to get there as quickly as possible. Luckily my camera is still in one piece lol

MUGS and a quick character by Eek

Last time I posted this it was minus the carrots...

..And one I forgot to put up.

Some old photo's from aggeess ago...

Rust FKB with IKON in the background .

Although this is one of the earliest photos I took of LeftBank I had been checking it out regulary to see who was around for months before. Respect to F! (on the left) Other than Drypnz, F was the dude that made me pay attention to what was happening on our streets.

Herbird, Germany. This was up for aggeess! Sorry Herbird, I still have your art that I was supposed to give away. I recently found it behind a storage box. OOpps. Sorry man.

Coming Up...

Some walls from Santiago De Chile (Thanks P & L)

More oldies


Wellington City Council get served!!


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