Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Female Rabbit eating/ignoring

Now this isn't entirely graf related but it was still in the streets...

On my usual walk home from work on Monday night I was suprised to see this projected up on the side of the unicomm building. We've seen politcal slogans projected from 128 Abel Smith Street but nothing like this. On closer inspection I assumed that they were filming because of the 100 or so people standing around under the bright lights and some dude making heaps of noise with a dictaphone. I was asked not-so-nicely to stop taking photo's so I told them not-so-nicely that I can do what I like, thank you very much Mr Evil Dictaphone Dictator!

........Back to the Graf

Whiskey & Twin brightening up the place.

Oopps I'm a bit late with this one. Sorry BMD for the shit quality photo!

Remember 'The Whimsical work of Drypnz' solo show is on tomorrow Thursday July 2nd starting at 7pm, Manky Chops Gallery, Lvl 1 166 Cuba Street Wellytown! BYO!!! See you there.

Good to see my boy over at TheKidsPresent making a healthy come back!


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