Monday, June 15, 2009

Slope's got Sole

Oh god. I think im still recovering from Slope's second show at Manky Chops. But that was a given as an exhibit opening there is usually followed by an epic 2 day hangover. Great turn out and quite a few sales made for an awesome night.

Above photo is a bit wonky. Thanks for the beers Chris lol
Mr Coney photo-snapping

Collab between Bolts and the 'ThunderKids'


Super Mario Anyone?

LeftBank goes through stages of looking like shit for a few months, then something decent appears. I watched Sole painting this up for around 10mins but was put off by some of the other bystanders (no hard feelings dude but calm down every once and a while)

Graffography have a higher resolution photo of this.

Coming up

Ikon RTR

The BMD (Thanks for letting me borrow your laptop!)

And some slaps combos



  1. sorry my lovley, the little joke about them bein my boobies was not true...but they are reallllly similar. This is one of Kelly Thompsons beautiful pics. So dont worry about gangrene boobs...for mine are not so xx luv Xoe

  2. Oh? haha it was funny at the time though :-P

    oO WWS Oo