Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ikon Slaps BMD

I hadn't seen Ikon around for a while after slowly weening myself off the addiction I had to the shop he works in so it was a nice surprise to see him in action again.

I think I've mentioned
in earlier posts how much I enjoy watching him paint.

Check out GRAFFOGRAPHY for a high resolution photo of this.

Haha I overheard these kids in the photo below saying something along the lines of 'No-one better cap me or else' LOL OR ELSE WHAT? Left Bank isn't known for longevity so it was kinda awkward to hear that being said.

Although I love it how the younger ones are so passionate about what they're doing I don't think they knew that they were in the presence of a well respected established writer painting up the other end? Or maybe they did and that's why they felt comfortable enough to paint almost along side of him? Hmmmm


I was going to put up a photo of a slaps combo but I think it'll have to wait. This is FKN sick COVET!

BMD killing it AGAIN. Thanks for the Laptop borrowage homie. Good to be back in the cyber world once again!

Coming Up


Some old photos from years ago (If I get my Laptop back on time)

and some other random stuff.



  1. Great photos WWS, its nice to see Ikon at work down left bank. I can't tell if that Covet piece is a sticker or paste-up, but it's fuking great.

  2. lovely BMD at Kiwi Art House,cool dog. He should think about an exhibition at the gallery