Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slope 2009

Manky Chops Gallery are proud to present "Slope 2009", a show with a very impressive and fresh new range of acrylic on canvas works by our resident artist, Slope.
This will be Slopes second show at the Manky Chops Gallery, and if you were able to check out his 2008 exhibition you will no doubt be looking forward to seeing more!

What: "Slope 2009" Exhibition

Where: Manky Chops Gallery, 166a Cuba St, WGTN

When: Open night is Thursday 11th June, 7pm.
Exhibition runs until Saturday 27th June. Manky Chops is open from Tuesday to Friday 12 til 6pm and Saturday 12 til 4pm.
I've been pretty lazy on the posts lately and getting my laptop fixed has taken forever and a day. I've got loads and LOADS of stuff that need to be put up. AGHH separation anxuety is a bitch!
I'll be back up and running by next week. Wish me luck


  1. upload some stuff!!!!!!!
    Exhibitions are all good but we want graffiti!!!!
    Leftbank live was great coz everyday there was pics of graff, now they have stopped its your responsibilty to give us our graff fix!
    Come on please...?

  2. Thank you ANONYMOUS for your concern and In my defence Im not sure if you have read the last 2 posts that I have done BUT.....

    I havent had my laptop/internet at home and Im not that willing to got to an internet cafe and pay for it unless I really have too hence the NO POSTING.

    Leftbank live was a completely different feel to what Im trying to achieve. My quality control is a little more vigorous.

    I'll be back as soon as I get my laptop back.I have so many photos and news to post you wont know what hit ya! ;-P

    See you soon.

    oO WWS Oo