Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was going through old emails deleting the ones that didnt apply anymore and I found one that had totally gone unnoticed about a graf exhibit that opened in April called 'Public Property' showing at 5 stories high (gallery) in the Saatch & Saatchi building corner Courtney Place and Taranaki streets.

Im confused as to how I could have missed something like that?!?!?!
The show features works by Juse1 Kerb Erase and Happy. Go and check it out before it closes July 2nd!


My man EEK shouting out BMD

I ''borrowed'' this piece and put it safely up on my wall because I overheard a group of kids saying that If they had a pen they would tag on it.

Doomsday Squad, Leftbank.

If you start to notice a few of the same photos appearing here and on its because im posting for them too. Double the graf goodness! Chur Component!

Coming Up..
Slope's 2nd show @ Manky Chops Gallery
Sole (not to be confused with the amazing stencil artist of the same name)

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