Saturday, June 6, 2009

Love it or hate it?

(Eek, The BMD, Surplus Bargains, Enforce1 & Sin)

My laptop is still sitting in the computer-fixers shop so Im scabbing internet from Pink Bits and Eek.
Last time I posted a series of photos of work by The BMD it created a bit of a sore point with a few individuals. Are they too commercial? Too obviously placed? Maybe I am bias? Who knows.... But we still love them.

Street love is alive and well!

My man Mark over at the GRAFFOGRAPHY blog has some more BMD works that I recommend you check out!



  1. too commercial.... what? more like the truest to the streets and what street art/graffiti/tagging. is BMD get up more than anyone in wellington and use all forms to do so. love you guys! keep it up and glad to know you

  2. BMD makes me smile every time I see new work. I've been worried lately because I've not seen much around around Aro Valley on my walk up to uni. But it's even better still to see work appearing in new unexpected places!

    Personally, there's something about having such an easily 'recognisable' street artist in the city... BMD has become part of what it means to 'be Wellington' for me.

  3. I think Dryp's got it pretty much covered, but all I would add is that things like style and frequency don't have anything to do with commercialism. This is what the wellington council might have us believe. The BMD are out there represent'n WGTN. I hope they keep writing and and people like WWS keep posting.