Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

Since the new year has finally arrived and I'm a year older I've been contemplating moving to a different blog server site. One with more options for layouts etc Anyone know of any goodies? I've been researching Wordpress and it has come up tops so far.

Anyways, Ive been pretty lazy over the xmas period with all the drinking and the eating and more drinking you do at this time of year that I kinda let the graf slide right on by.

Got some flicks of IKON painting up what has steadily become his official place to paint, the Salvation Army car park, Vivian Street. It may be my untrained eye but when I went back to get the end result it looked unfinished?

I missed out on a run with 'THE FAMILY' a few weekends back to put up a collab of Eeks, me and Neonate. It looked fkn sick once it it was up. I love seeing the mash up of styles all thrown together. I get the feeling that we'll end up painting together again really soon.

(L -R) BEWARE Eeks and NEONate

Eeks, Pink Bits and Bango (with Gas Mask Girl and 666 put up earlier by SIN)

Eeks Close up

Pink Bits

Culo and Pink Bits

As of yesterday my camera decided that it was tired of snapping flicks and gave up the ghost. Lucky I have a back up, even though it chews through the batteries like a rabid goat. I apologise for the shift in quality in advance.

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