Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reclaim it back!

I recently recieved this comment from SIN on the above picture when I posted it on my myspace page:

"Hijack of space in Cuba. I invite all people who do paste ups to add to this. Im on a campaign of taking back the spaces taken by posters ( not ones by phantom, they go over theirs every week).I'll Hijack the space, put one of my names there and people can add or go over"

Band poster placement has its place and may not be as evil as some corporate git with a huge budget for advertising but why do they choose to put it over Street Art. Street artists do it for the love, not to get people through the door to drink their watered down beer! Sin has started a good thing here. Let's reclaim the spaces once used and loved by Street Artists and show them that their posters can't stop us! MWAHAHAHA


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