Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Man, there was plenty of graf action this weekend. I can't help but interrupt the series I was planning on doing !~!~!

Friday 08.08.08

Managed to catch Ikon and Vents adding some chromey goodness to a very dull, damp and windy LeftBank. Vents is the man! I haven't seen someone paint as fast and fluidly as him for a long time.... As always, Ikon was killing it!



The results!

Saturday 09.08.08

Now everyone knows that the new formula Ironlaks have a less than desirable smell that lingers for a looong time. We were making our way to The Red Shed when the familiar smell of the said paint suddenly from came outta nowhere. Ikon and Vents were up to no good in the car park across the road. I ran over with my camera (I always carry it) and I immediately felt like I was a graf stalker ha! They were good about it and kinda made small talk.

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