Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sunday 10.08.08

Went out on a photo mission and txt E to see if she was still around. She was at the skate park... After a bowl of chips and a sneaky beer at nearby bar we headed back to Left Bank. Dryp and Yelz were there finishing off some characters. Dryp had mentioned that the police had turned up and asked them questions.....The police have made themselves known in LeftBank lately......Anyway, we hung around for a bit then had a quick look at the pieces that Ikon and Vent had put up the previous day.

Monday 11.08.08

As you've probably guessed Leftbank is visited regulary by a few people. Once again I walked through and saw a guy taking photos of some of the graf down there. I asked him if he had seen the stuff on Vivian street, but being a visitor from Singapore (He was English) didn't help with his navigation of Wellington. I was walking that way anyways so told him I'd show him where it was.

We got talking and he takes photos of graf whever he goes....looking forward to seeing what his collection is like. He said he liked paste-ups. He continued to say that he had seen paste-ups 5 or 6 storeys high! Hopefully he'll have some crazy photos to share WATCH THIS SPACE !!!

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