Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mouse Clicks

I've accumulated quite a few graf photos the last year and a half. So much in fact that even going through my GRAFFITI photo folder took forever to scroll right through leaving not a hint of continuity. 3000 pictures later and I had given my mouse a good thrashing by sorting the pics into their respective folders, Pasteys, Sticks, Throwies etc.

Now our beloved Graf scene has been a bit stagnant of late so decided to go retro and show you all some of the graf that first caught my ever searching eye. To make it easier Im going to go folder by folder, subject by subject starting with Stickers.

Sticks have a healthy place in the graf world. Easy to apply and can be printed, hand drawn, painted, plastered, stamped and so on. Great thing about sticks is if you dont like the look of them you dont have to put them up. Sticks are easy to trade with other artists and sending through the post to the other side of the world can be done in a flash. Imagine trying to send a wall with your favourite throwie on in the post!?!?! Impossible!

Drypnz is known for his zany character sticks seen here:

Ive been fortunate enough to get 2 of his sticker packs through a group exhibtion with CrackedInk.

Sticker combos are probably best seen in person, but to give you a scale on how diverse they can be heres a pic from VLT Crew, Malaysia.

Unfortunately Wellington isnt known for its sticker combos but we have a few hotspots around the city that I try my hardest to check out everytime Im near by. San Francisco Bath house has a power meter (?) out the front that always gets hit with new stickers everytime I see it

....Just off Dixon St

And Lombard...

Last and definately not least is my boy Neonate...This dude has comes up with the craziest characters on the planet that would rival anything Yelz has to offer. Together we've consumed enough beer to keep The Mill running for a few years! His talent has no end! Toys, Paintings, crazy character Throwies, sticks. You name it, hes the best at it! No doubt! Big up Neonate!

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