Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eventful week

It's been an eventful week ....

Last Sunday I made my way up to Waitangi Park to get shots of TS painting a bus as part of the ACT RIGHT anti-violence campaign for GO Wellington. I didn't stick around long but the bus was looking pretty dope.

I woke up to a text from Odin stating that a new pastey had been put up on the makeshift construction wall not far from the usual route to work. Malice is DOPE!!!

Took a trip up to Mt Crawford to see if anything new had appeared in the few weeks since we had last been there. Not much had changed apart from the AIM one above ...

And finally Friday 11th saw the re-release of Massage Magazine @ Meow Cafe. We braved the wind and the odd rain shower to chill in the courtyard out the back. Organic beer isn't so bad after all :-P

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With Christmas just around the corner and the prospect of a well earned holiday on the horizon I'm going to apologise in advance for posts slowing down over the next couple of weeks. If I can motivate myself OUT of holiday mode and tear myself away from the beers I plan on consuming I'll put some photos up.


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