Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I hardly ever use the train system in Wellington, but on the one occassion I did we spotted these trackside pieces by Covet and Ikon. Fast forward a few weeks and I went back and got some shots. I had taken alot of photos of this wall but lost them all when my laptop died a tragic death.




I found this hidden gem tucked away out of sight.


Ups to ANONFUNK for rocking this out in the weekend.


Non-graf related news.

We have all heard and/or seen what has happened to Samoa after the earthquake/tsunami that hit them last Wednesday. Kolektiv @ 103 Cuba Mall have launched a campaign 'Have a Heart, Do your part' to raise money and awareness for the victims and their families that were affected.

From Saturday 3 Oct til Friday 9th Oct Kolektiv will be donating a percentage of all profits towards Oxfam Tsunami relief appeal for the Pacific Islands.

During this time provide a Kolektiv proof of purchase to Plum Cafe and recieve a $3 Bowl coffee, of which all proceeds will be contributed to the effort.

Thanks to campaign organiser Cris W. And ups to Manky 166 for the posters!

Coming Up.....

New York!!!!


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