Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Isn't it Swonderful!

The wall at Swonderful has hosted a few Wellington artists on its walls, the latest being Drypnz The BMD and Ragdoll (?)

I hadn't really taken any notice of this wall since Sin put up his larger than life Paste-up of a girl and a banner advertising the store, which was sadly eaten away by passers-by but I couldn't miss this one!

Love how colourful this mural is and how the photos turned out. I was wondering how Drypnz could expand on his already extremely popular and lovable characters, The Dryppls and the answer is to go bigger! If his Flickr page is anything to go by I think he'll have his roller with him everytime he paints.

I dig how The BMD's child like style of characters tie in well with the innocence of the girl on her trike.



The Bmd, PNTR, Sick, and an unknown.


I've been asked twice if these ducks were done by Surplus Bargains but i'm not sure.
Just some random info I got excited about. I was watching LA Ink (trashy yes!!) in the weekend and a New Zealander was on getting a portrait tattoo of his friend Brizz. After I looked at the reference photo they had I realised that it was Auckland Graf artist HATE (the original) that passed away in a car accident in 2005. Although they make no reference to his graf I tried to find the episode on Youtube etc but couldn't seem to source it. If anyone is interested its Episode 6 of Collection 3.

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More Legal wall


Finally some Waitangi Park shots

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  1. these ducks are for my granny, big fan of the porcelain.