Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was planning on having a big write up about these photos but my brain is a bit frazzled from over-indulging at Bolt's show up at Manky Chops last night SO I'll let them speak for themselves.

An acquaintance I met through work had recently got back from being overseas and had snapped these flicks while on her travels.

Havana, Cuba

St. Kilda, Melbourne Australia

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA

Fkn love the photo below!!!


My good friends Przem and Les, who's photos we've seen in previous posts shot these pics in Buenos Aires, South America, their last country before heading home after a years travelling.


In other non-graf news, the World Press Photo contest exhibit opens tomorrow at Shed 11 on the water front. These photos display the world in an unflinching and often unpredictable way. At a simple press of a button, some of the world's best photojournalists have captured an honest view of human triumph and loss. Im really excited about having the chance to see it for myself.


Thank you to Helena, Przem and Les for the photos! And Sean (sp?) who I met last night at Mankys, don't give up on getting your work out there dude! Looking forward to seeing what you've got next :-)

Coming up.....

Photos of Yelz & Eek that I said I was going to post but didn't




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