Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late Additions

Now that Im not rushed for time I can finally put up the photos I said I would.

Heres a few I missed from Yelz that I should have put up with THIS POST

While we're on the subject....

Yelz says goodbye to IKON

...And down the other end of the alley...


Sunday saw Mugs and I have a paint at an old spot used by a few of us (Thanks Guy & Shosh!!) Sunshine, new paint and a box of beers helped keep the atmosphere mellow as we took our time and chilled with M & B from Graffography

Wasn't that pleased with how mine turned out but nevermind, it was choice just being able to chill and take your time without attracting an audience.

Happy Birthday Mugs!


Hung with UNIT for a bit before work on Monday while he painted up LeftBank. Good to see the owner of the surrounding buildings come down and give him props for painting something.decent.

Coming up...


Aro Street mural gets re-done

and a few other randoms


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