Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Pasteys

Mark from Graffography sent a link to the Wellingtonista blog that we were both linked back to in regards to the Council's Anti-Tagging campaign.

It seems that everybody is confused as to what the COUNCIL are trying to get at?!?!
(Sorry Robyn)


I'm loving the new paste-ups going up by Yelz & Eek.

There were a few that got ripped down before I got to them, but you can check them @ Yelz Flickr page.


...And an old RUST FKB from LeftBank...

Coming up....

BoomBox Gallery Update

Massey Walls


A few more oldies



  1. Hey, I wrote that post at the Wellingtonista. I don't know what the confusion is, but basically we'd made a post earlier about those weird anti-graffiti posters, so it was a sort of follow-up with the news that the posters had used graffiti from non-illegal places to illustrate illegal graffiti.

    But being the Wellingtonista, the comments conversation always goes off on other tangents. But I'm pretty sure most people who read it got the idea of what the council had done.

  2. Oh my.

    I should have put that everybody is confused as to what the COUNCIL are tryingto get at.

    Apologies Robyn. I'll change that now.

    oO WWS Oo

  3. Hmm is that a paste up on Thistle hall entrance?
    maybe not so cool...

  4. Seamonkey MadnessJuly 31, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    Yes, not so cool. It's a community hall used by everybody, and they don't have the funds to 'clean up' art like this off their walls. This might sound like crap, but the broken windows theory would absolutely kill Thistle Hall, if you know what I'm getting at.

  5. are you refering to that poster- thats free I might add, to being at the level of a broken window- yea tagging encourages tagging- but art encourages art.. creativity grows, eeks would of put a lot of time into that- huge props to him- its environment enhancing- and doesnt need to be cleaned up..

  6. amen.. art encourages art!!