Friday, January 30, 2009

Nah too orange...

Has anyone noticed a certain well known artists' impression of celebrity females popping up all over the place?

Sin has been making a mark around town for quite a while now. And its good to see that hes found a medium that suits. Judging by some of the comments people have made about these paste ups, they are pretty popular! All I can say is Sin, there are plenty more empty spaces that need brightening up around the place hint hint :-P

....On a different note, Im always excited to find documentaries about any Street Art and Graf however long or short. This one was no exception.

Featuring mainly Bristol Artists and a couple from London....



Thanks to HOOKED for the heads up!


1 comment:

  1. yeaaah! SINS work is great and on such a large scale is so powerful!
    hey send me some info about your free art project you were talking about, keen to submit something!
    good to meet you up in welly, hopefully be back in the next few months! peace! -PNTR