Sunday, December 28, 2008

Letters to the .......

The first time I saw 'Editor' was a well placed tag down Left Bank. Since then I've watched him paint numerous times, snapping flicks as I go, and even painted (well, stencilled) along side him for last weekends Buff Mish. When I found out that he's from South Africa, I was interested in what he thought of New Zealand Graffiti in comparison. So, through the magic of email I managed to get in contact with him and ask a few questions..


Tell us what you write and how long you've been in the graf game?


I write EDITOR, used to shift and change through names but eventually got into the letters. I cant remember when I started, but I have some photos from when i was 13 where I did a piece or two. Only got into it properly later, when I was 15 I think.


We've seen a few different writers names around your pieces, who do you paint with most often?

More noticeably is the WK? Most established writers are part of a 'crew' Is WK? the crew you rep?....and what does it stand for?

EDITOR: Welly I mostly paint with Cast and Drypnz, and sometimes Ikon and my man Preo. but I enjoy painting outside of Welly the most, like in Christchurch with the DTR boys and Auckland with the GBAK crew.

WK? is a crew based in South Africa, pretty big crew actually, most members reside in England now. it stands for WhatKind?...saffa thing i guess.

(Saffa is a term used for South African immigrants taking over a country )


How does Wellington/New Zealand Graffiti compare to Graffiti in South Africa? Are there any noticeable differences in style/technique etc?


Over here the first thing I noticed was the "straights" style, which is actually pretty cool, we didn't have a distinct tagging style back home, from when I started in a small town outside the city everyone kinda took on a similar style, cause we didn't have Internet and shit for flicks, like kids nowadays that can just copy shit straight off the net. Alot of cats in South Africa have their own style while others just nibble from the main group of writers around. Over here it seems to be a "cool" thing to do amongst kids, which I find rather sad...its not about that.


Finally, any plans for the future? Piecing the Beehive? World domination? Ha ha


Future plans, move away from Wellington for a while. take a break I guess...I reckon there is way more to life.

~Cheers Editor~


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  1. Excellent interview - more please ;-)