Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Steal!

Now that most of the art exhibitions are over.....

Alot has been going on Graf wise lately but I've been too lazy and to post up anything about it. Now there is alot to catch up on.

Walking on my usual route home which usually involves going through Leftbank I stumbled almost literally upon Drypnz, Editor and Cast painting up the right hand side walls. Predictably the Police showed up, asked a few questions then left as fast as they came. I could almost imagine the Anti Ironlak Fume Brigade who live there hiding behind their curtains, watching and waiting for all the cans to be confiscated, only to be hugely disappointed when the police told the artists to 'Have a nice day' before leaving them to finish what they started.




Drypnz 'DONT STEAL' campaign is widely misunderstood judging from some of the inane comments written over it the next day. People have taken it literally when in reality it's based on the lack of sticker art in Wellington. Anyone who is into street art and has the internet has most probably searched at length all that Google has to offer and would have possibly stumbled across photos of huge sticker combos overseas. I too am guilty of stealing stickers but have curbed that for the sake of art. So please, next time you see a sticker that you really like leave it there for people to admire. I know the temptation may be too much but there are people out there who get excited about seeing new stuff up. Preach on preacher!


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