Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dusk woz here!

Since we had some better than-average-weather over the weekend it was no surprise that some new creations went up to compliment the walls from around the way.

Dusk has certainly claimed her spot on Ghuznee street and is usually accompanied by Eeks. This weekend they must have decided to mix it up a bit.

I saw Eeks on my usual trip to the bakery before work (Mmmm pies!) and I asked if they were his paste ups next to the new Dusk. He said no. They belonged to N-DOGG. I thought he was taking the piss or it was his new Street art name but I later had confirmation that it was infact someone called N-DOGG. And being a generous guy, Eeks pointed me in the direction of his latest Paste up...a tribute to Andy Warhol maybe? Or was he hungry and really wanted soup? Who can say!?!

Obviously someone didn't agree with the placement of this....or were they just being a hater?





  1. That turtle with the fangs critter looks more like Eeks than ND ;-)
    Omigod - they've been breeding down the alley - that's what the smell is!!

  2. ...Ive been waiting for confirmation on who did but wanted to post it anyways. I thought the same (an I could be wrong) and will change it when I find out


  3. I know all these people, the guy that did the pink post ups is ND (and also the green one at the bottom), the wierd turtle thing is Eeks and the face with the hands next to Dusk is a person called Anon.

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