Monday, September 22, 2008

Slope 19.09.08

Headed up to Manky Chops with E on Friday night to check out Slope's first solo show in 4 years. I have been a myspace friend with Slope for as long as I can remember and have always admired his multi layer style and use of colours and contour lines. Naturally being a fan I was looking forward to seeing his work close up.

Good turn out and awesome art work made for a pretty successful evening.

The exhibit runs for two weeks and finishs Saturday October 4th.

Manky Chops , Level 1 , 166A Cuba Street . WGTN

Red dot means its sold!



  1. stuff is killer, never seen anything like it...

  2. What stunned me most was that Slope said no other gallery in town would exhibit his stuff. What's that about?!
    Stunning images Jay - but that's also the beauty of the work - you could take the images with a throw away kodak and they'd be just as powerful...

  3. these are really cool.painted or sprayed i wonder?