Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay, just to clear it up I don't know much about Eeks. He is a friend of a friend (It's Wellington, everyone is a friend of a friend) So I get regular updates on where he's been and what he's been doing. Most of the time he does Paste Ups but has been known to draw on a few walls and slap up some sticks. This was one of the first Pasteys I saw of his.

Recently he got hauled away by the 5-0 for drawing an awesome mini mural on a near by building. The Police watched him do it then pounced. When some friends saw the photo of it they thought it was a pastey but it was done with a Posca.

I got a txt from E saying Eeks had just been down LeftBank and put up a character. There was speculation that he himself had written "Eeks Total crap" next to it. Most of the time street artists/writers are their own worst critics.

Some fresh new Eeks-y goodness!

Haha Eeks lining up skills aren't the best when he pastes up his creations but from a distance you can't tell.

Im glad we have someone like Eeks to add to the street art here. Our culture of tagging and drunken throwies was getting out of hand. Quality over quantity I say.


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