Sunday, August 24, 2008

Giving it away

Ever since I started this graf photo-taking-business I've been putting out free photos for the masses. I started this on my Myspace page

Since my explanation of this concept got a lot of people confused I'ma try and break it down as best as I can.

A) Take a picture of some graf
B) Get the photo printed
C) Write my URL on the back of the photo
D) Go and stick it up next to the graf
E) Take another photo of the picture next to the graf..
And finally post the pics on my page to give everyone a clue of where it might be.

I've only ever heard back from a few people (who were friends anyway) that have managed to get a free pic. I love the concept of free art. I've managed to acquire a free painting from Eeks another from Drypnz along with a drawing from Sammo

I also picked up a bad habit of stealing any stickers or pasteys that look like they are easily removable from windows/walls etc. I then decided to make a rule that I would only ever take them if they were already about to fall off, or felt that someone else will rip them off. All stickers I have collected live in my blackbook. Safe!


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