Monday, July 21, 2008

Super Pastey!

I had an Israeli woman and her child standing there watching me take these pictures and ask innocently 'Whats the big deal?'.....I thought it was best not to go into how relevant it is to how the petrol prices are soaring at the moment not to mention the sheer size and effort it took to get this up. Hoping to see more of this size around town!!


  1. Stunning!
    How would they have done that? Especially without being bought down by the PVP?! (Pink Vest Police lol)
    Maybe it looked like they were putting up band posters or some other sort of advertising?
    Hmmm - sounds like a good tactic ;-)

  2. It would have been very time consuming pasting each individual piece of paper up like that....I think it had around 80 pieces of paper to make up that image...what a mission!!

    oO WWS Oo