Friday, August 1, 2008

Modern Technology

The good thing about having friends with an artistic eye on the otherside of the world is that you can get things sent via email almost instaneously. I have 2 friends in London that I begged and begged for them to have their cameras at the ready just incase they stumbled upon any graf or street art on their travels.

I couldnt log into Facebook fast enough when I found out they had made an entire album of street art they had found just for me! I was pilfering them before I had even seen the pictures.

Sarah said they are mostly from around London. Was surprised to see a Os Gemeos amongst them! And anyone who knows anything about the modern street art movement the world over should know who these guys are. They've worked with some of the best and are an influence to any up and coming artist (including me)

When you see someone painting here they are usually alone and kinda in a hurry. So happy they got an action shot. The closest thing we have to a public street gallery like this is LeftBank

Pasteys dont appear that often in Wellington so when I saw this huge and I mean HUGE pastey of a guy holding a video camera like it was a gun I couldnt wait to share it with E. There was also the same picture with my friend standing at the bottom of it just so I could gage the shear size of it.

The magic of the internet always suprises me. Chur Chur Sarah and Leila for taking these photos!