Tuesday, November 6, 2012


New Zealand has a rich and vibrant history of street art culture – a story that we believe is yet to be told. ‘Dregs’ will showcase how this underground art movement began and what it has evolved into today. It will go behind the scenes to expose this movement and the creative people driving it.
The documentary will include interviews with artists all over New Zealand in their personal studio spaces. It’ll also explore their personal lives and workplaces, to try and understand why these artists do what they do. ‘Dregs’ will aim to challenge the current prejudices against those who choose to create art with a spray can, examining the street scene with an impartial eye and portraying the art form as just that – a form of art.

Wellington screening @ Paramount Cinema
Saturday 24 November
Limited seating! Contact Cinzah@dregs.co.nz to claim a seat!
Gonna be BIG!

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