Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toi Poneke

I'm not sure how old these pieces are, haven't been over to Toi Poneke for a while.

Just the sort of writing to discuss using the forum...


  1. the dudes got skill.
    feeling the new piece bro.

  2. when was CANTWO here????

  3. Cantwo has never been here?
    Or if he has those pictures aren't of his work hahahaha

  4. your an idiot none of those say cantwo honestly toy go back to the crayons and the juice box, yours sincerely rumble, ridding the world of toys one bitch at a time. :)

  5. i think JUSE is a mad BITER of CANTWO! CEAPER and AVID are the only members of TS that should truely be respected for ORIGINAL STYLE! and yes can two has been here in the carpark building in town he did a production with JUSE and if you look at that will see the resemblance of an all out BITER! i bet cantwo left this country genuinly fucked of at TS