Friday, October 8, 2010

13558 nights on Earth - Boltorious solo show

Exactly 13 months and one day after his last solo exhibiton at Manky Chops, Boltorious is back with his 10/10/10 collection of paintings featuring in
13558 Nights On Earth ...And it's no coincidence...its the fifth year in a row that his yearly solo art exhibition falls on the tripple matching dates.

Boltorious' latest works are a reflection into the gray area between insanity and perfection, their symbolic and skeletal structures are unmistakably created by the one and only Bolts. Hundreds of paintings, doodles and symbols are hidden beneath layer upon layer...upon layer of mixed medias, until out of the depths emerges the true visions of the Boltorious mind.

Opens 10/10/10
Cold coin entry. BYO suckers

Manky Chops Gallery
166a Cuba Street, Wellington


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