Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making Taggers Dance

Here's the info that anonymous is referring to in the comments below:

"Two youths who allegedly tagged a fence with graffiti were made to dance in the property owners' lounge to humiliate them until police arrived, according to New Zealand news reports on Thursday.

They were ordered to keep dancing in front of police officers and their performance was filmed and a video clip posted on You Tube.

'I made them dance to humiliate them and I think I've achieved that,' the owner of the property in Whangarei, Northland, who was identified only as Izzy, told the Northern Advocate newspaper.

'I told these idiots that they were not allowed to stop dancing just because the police were there,' he said. 'They were even dancing for the police while giving their details.'

The Whangarei police commander confirmed that claims the officers filmed the pair dancing were being investigated.

A 20-year-old man was charged with wilful damage arising from the incident."

Full Story Here:

The video can be found here:

And this is the story confirming (as much as 'Stuff' are able to confirm shit) of "Tagger killer Bruce Emery is to be freed from jail this month - less than a year after being sentenced for the manslaughter of a 15-year-old he caught tagging his garage."

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  1. saw this on the news a few nights back, utter utter bullshit. i wonder what they wrote?

  2. "Put the Nickelback on"
    Fuck I know who really needs the jail time here

  3. fuck if that was me I would come back with a whole crew and fucking bomb their whole property, bricks would be flying. mind you I'd be that angry too if my wife was as fat as his.

  4. fuck bruce emery, hope the cunt gets a jab in the neck! keep bombing dont stop! fuck the screwed legal system. lets all meet up and go tag his fence again.

  5. Those dicks got exactly what they deserved. You don't go tagging an individual's PRIVATE property.

    Dumb enough to tag, dumb enough to get caught, dumb enough to dance to Nickelback. Retards through and through.