Tuesday, September 7, 2010

International Post 2

Some more stuff from around the place.

Barry McGee & Amaze in NYC

"The famous corner of Houston and Bowery has again seen new light. This time its Barry McGee who plays homage to the iconic wall. The wall, which over recent times has seen the amazing Keith Haring replica, work from Os Gemeos and of course the much intruded upon piece from Shepard Fairey. McGee and Josh Lazcano (Amaze), took to the wall to bury its surface in simple red tags, resulting in a much less simple and more eye-catching overall result."

Check out the links below for some cool photos and a more detailed story of this massive roll call


an interview with Barry McGee here: Swindle Magazine

How & Nosm
A bit about them from their flickr page:

"The twin brothers HOW and NOSM are graffiti artists and professional muralists residing in New York .Born in the Basque country of San Sebastian, Spain ,the Perre brothers grew up in Duesseldorf ,Germany practicing the Bronx born artform of graffiti .Their late teenage years were spent spraypainting the world, visiting many of the more than 50 countries in which they both left their remarkable artwork on any kind of surface including subway trains. During a visit to New York in ’97 HOW and NOSM were asked to become members of the legendary TATS CRU,and permanently relocated to New York shortly thereafter in ’99 – a move that marked their transition from painting on trains, and even the Berlin Wall – to creating elaborate murals for a number of known commercial clients such as SONY."

Interview over at Stylefile
Their Blog
Video on Youtube

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