Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My bro BMD gave me the heads up on the Te Ara Graffiti Art competition that fell on the Monday of Taranaki Anniversary weekend (2nd Monday in March)

All the finished artworks are available to view online, so get voting (for BMD!!!!!!)
Click HERE picture to visit the page
(Thanks for letting me know the link was broken)

My favourite gallery Manky Chops are having a Starving Artist sale featuring work from past shows and a few other goodies. Get up there and buy buy BUY!! lol

Manky Chops
Lvl 1, 166 Cuba Street



  1. The Picture just takes you to The Picture

  2. sick stuff! Gotta have more of these!

  3. Whats going on with this site its getting pretty lame these days probley because the moderator only sticks flicks of his freinds shit what a shame for wgtn graffiti

  4. Im constanly hunting graffiti and in my defence I will only post works of quality and not throwies with bad fills or drunken tags. Im not at fault if no-one is getting out there and putting up anything decent.

    In all the years Ive been doing this blog there have been months where nothing new has appeared then all of a sudden i get inundated with stuff to post. The past few months have been dead.

    Instead of complaining, be pro-active and give me/us something to get excited about.

    And, thank you for commenting. I value the opinion of visitors, whether the response is positive or negative is beside the point.

    Thank you again

    oO WWS Oo

  5. ..agree'd dude~ inconsistency on the site is only a reflection of the street. thanks WGTNWALLSTREET, you let me see the scenes of the Capital as I travel around